It all starts with



Tell us your story.

The most important element in any venture is you


It is your passion, perspective and commitment that drives the opportunity and attracts the capital to fuel its viability.


We want to connect with you at any stage, whether your idea exists on a napkin or encapsulated in a professional venture plan. 


We look for inspiration and intelligence. 


If you know your market and customer, and the best approach to leverage both, we are here to collaborate with you on the venture plan and your capital needs.


Let’s connect to explore if our capital and your plan are compatible.  In other words, let’s go on a “deal date” and see if we match!

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Gulf South angel investor network focused on connecting founders and funders towards process-friendly seed, startup and growth capital placements.

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*Capital opportunity is open to all entrepreneurs regardless of industry, deal size or project phase, and investor affiliation is open to all Accredited Investors.