We give lift to



Inspired entrepreneurs and investors.

Airfoil Angels was formed by pilots, aircraft owners and aviation enthusiasts located in the Gulf South, but we're open to all Accredited Investors. 


We span a broad portfolio of industries and professions and are focused on meeting all types of entrepreneurs regardless of industry, deal size or project phase.


We believe the angel investment process should be proactive, mutual, and respectful. 


Entrepreneurs deserve as much respect as the seed, startup and growth capital that fuels the plan, and we’re committed to building the kind of founder/funder relationships that both sides can enjoy.


An airfoil is a structure which helps produce lift, and an angel is a person who lifts up another.


Airfoil Angels was established to give lift to dreams, and, more importantly, the entrepreneurs that created them.

Jay Taffet, Founder

Jay Taffet is the founder of Airfoil Angels, and is a long-time venture advisor, entrepreneur and pilot based in New Orleans. 


Jay has 25 years of experience in venture development and capital placement, all here in the Gulf South, and is an entrepreneurship coach and author, with extensive experience in startup education and programming for both community incubators and universities. 


Above all, Jay knows the startup process, and he understands how to build the right relationship between founders and funders towards optimizing venture opportunity.

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Gulf South angel investor network focused on connecting founders and funders towards process-friendly seed, startup and growth capital placements.

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*Capital opportunity is open to all entrepreneurs regardless of industry, deal size or project phase, and investor affiliation is open to all Accredited Investors.